VIDEO: Getting Comfortable with the Water

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Use these 3 drills to develop a feel of putting your head underwater and exhaling.

These are 3 great drills for the very beginner swimmer.  These drills will particularly give you the sensation of having your face underwater, exhaling and coming up to breath - without actually swimming.
Many beginners are actually holding their breath underwater while swimming and wonder why they can't get enough air.  These drills will focus on a complete exhale underwater before coming up to breath to get new air.

  1. The first drill is the 'bob'.  Hold onto the side of the pool and sink underwater while exhaling.  Come up and get another breath, repeat.
  2. The second drill is kicking and breathing.  Focus on exhaling completely underwater and rotating the head to the side when coming up to breath.
  3. The third drill combines the second drill but you actually stroke with each arm to simulate a swim stroke.  Again, focus on the exhale underwater.
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date: April 23, 2009