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She's back. We were able to interview Deanna Babcock, a triathlete who galvanized the forums over several months with her story of a tragic accident and subsequent recovery.

The following quote is from the forums on 7/23/2007.  A stranger at that time, now she is an inspiration to all of us.


From the time of her accident, Deanna has come a long way to recovery.  This podcast is Deanna's interview with on what happened and how she is doing.


Here is an excerpt from the forum discussion that started it all.


"On Friday Deanna was swimming at the NCSU pool, and did not surface. The lifeguards pulled her out, and revived her. They had to defibrillate her twice on deck, and from what I understand, she had to be jump-started three more times by emergency medical staff later in the day.

Those part-time NCSU kids working as lifeguards really earned their pay on Friday. Wake EMS immediately iced Deanna to preserve body and brain function in her oxygen-deprived state. This in not commonly done by rescue squads, and Wake is innovate in this technique, but it seems to have saved her life. Brain scans on Saturday indicate good things, and the doctors are keeping Deanna in an induced coma to better control the rate at which they warm her to room temp, and the rate at which her brain wakes up and recovers..."

You may also follow what happened between that time and now in the forum thread.




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