Run Question: Negative Splitting

author : Amanda McCracken
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Most coaches will agree that negative splitting is the way to go, ideally, to reach a personal best. But does the strategy really work for all?

Member question:

In a race, who actually tries to make it a goal of negative splitting the run and why? I don't. My run is at the maximum effort I can manage for the distance, and I just try and hold on. My second half times are always slower. I have no idea if I could finish the entire event faster by conserving more. Maybe I could, but that's not how I race. So, why and how do you negative split races? Do you think it's an advantage or disadvantage?


My father used to always warn me before a race, “Don’t shoot off the starting line like a bat out of hell! Pace yourself!” I always said I wouldn’t shoot off, but there was something about the sound of the gun that propelled my legs like I was being shot out of a cannon. [.....]

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date: March 17, 2008

Amanda McCracken