Improving Run Cadence - Strides and Plyometrics

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Focus on doing the drills and improving each week. Eventually you will go out for a run, look down, and see that your pace has improved, your heart rate is lower, and your cadence is over 90 rpm.

I am extremely slooowww in all 3 events, but running is my slowest. I am working on improving my base and I am using a HR monitor. My question is this: is it possible to also work on my running cadence? (I have seen numerous success stories about increasing cadence and improving times.) My problem is when I increase my turnover, my HR soars....Thanks for any insights.

Run cadence, distance per stroke, and cycling cadence are all key factors when determining efficiency in triathletes. In the pool we try to lower the number of strokes we take in order to lengthen out our swim stroke. On the bike we try to maintain a cadence of 85-95 rpm in order to keep our legs turning over quickly. Run cadence actually closely matches cycling cadence, as the most efficient athletes try to maintain that 90 rpm cadence.

Finding your cadence

In order to improve your run cadence there are a few things you can do. [.....]

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date: November 27, 2005