Incorporating monthly racing into your training plan

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How to tweak your training plan to account for frequent races

Member Question:

"I'm doing one Olympic triathlon per month from now until the end of September. I'm wondering if the best thing to do in between triathlons is, (after a recovery session or two) should I then do one medium week, then one hard week, then taper for the next triathlon?"

Answer from Mike Ricci,

This is a great question and much of this will depend on which Olympic distance race will be your most important, or your "A race" for the season. I would assume it's your last race and if that's the case, I would "train through" the other races.

For example, let's assume you finish the Olympic race on a Sunday. I would lay out the week in the following order:

  • Monday: easy swim, easy bike
  • Tuesday: easy bike
  • Wednesday: Hard swim, easy run
  • Thursday: Hard bike, easy swim
  • Friday: off
  • Saturday: Long bike, run off the bike
  • Sunday: Long run, easy bike (if you have time)

The priorities for this week are:

  1. recover from the race, and
  2. absorb the fitness gains from the race. [.....]
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    date: June 21, 2011