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This USAT Rules Clinic will help you avoid penalties. Topics discussed will be rules of the transition area, drafting penalties, the drafting zone, challenging penalties and more.

Whether you are an experienced athlete or a beginner just getting into the sport, this USAT rules clinic will be invaluable information as you race at USAT sanctioned races.  Topics of discussion are:

  • Who are the USAT officials? (00:01:20)
  • What does the USAT officials do? (00:02:08)
  • Overview of penalties (00:07:06)
  • Rules of the transition area (00:14:40)
    • Proper setup of your transition area
    • Who is allowed in the transition area?
  • Rules of the swim (00:20:56)
    • Water temperature and wetsuits
    • Walking in the water
    • Permitted gloves and footwear
  • Rules of the bike (00:25:54)
    • Handlebar plugs
    • Drafting penalties
    • Defining the drafting zone
    • Helmets
  • Rules of the run (00:45:29)
    • The use of Ipods and other music devices
    • Shirt or shirtless?
  • Other penalties (00:48:00)
  • Challenging a penalty (00:51:21)
  • Youth rules (00:57:24)
  • Becoming a USAT official (01:00:45)

Please consult the current USAT rules for the latest updates.  

Complete USA Triathlon Rules

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