Tri Training for Busy Parents

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How to juggle life's demands with triathlon training needs.

Here's my background:

I'm a mom of three, ages 10, 7, 3.  I work outside the house 30 hours a week.  I don't hire anybody to clean my house.  The kids have activities and my husband and I both volunteer in the community.  He is the cubmaster of our local cubscout pack, and is involved in a local grassroots environmental group.  I'm a member of our community's Board of Health, active in the local League of Women Voters and I volunteer at my daughter's preschool.  We also both teach Sunday school on occasion.  So, Sunday morning workouts (unless they are early) are out.  There are also evening meetings we attend.  Not lots of extra time to do much!

My training goals this season (my first), was to finish sprint triathlons without hurting myself while also wearing a smile (goal was accomplished).  Next season I'd like to complete at least one oly and MAYBE a late-season half IM.

Here's a typical training schedule:

Monday: (Home with daughter) Swim workout in a.m. while daughter is with pool sitter, followed by "tiny tot swim" with her.

If I could get someone to watch my daughter in the afternoon, I would either run or bike for an hour during my sons gymnastics classes.

Tuesday:  Run between 5:15 and 6 a.m. (when hubby leaves for work).

Wednesday:  Bike between 5:15 and 6 a.m.  Swim after work, open water if possible.

Thursday:  (Home with no kids till 1 p.m.) Brick workout from 10a.m. - Noon.

Friday:  Long swim after work.

Saturday or Sunday:  Either a long bike ride (20-30 miles) or a long run (7-9 miles)

So, the only "family time" my training was taking up would be a couple of hours during the weekend, and about an hour on Wednesday night (although I would be home by 8 p.m. to help with bed-times). My husband sometimes would complain, but I try to make sure he takes time to go for bike rides, etc. too.


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date: September 14, 2004


Training for tri -- keeping up with 3 kids, work,teach Sunday School, garden when I'm able.


Training for tri -- keeping up with 3 kids, work,teach Sunday School, garden when I'm able.

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