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What if your workouts magically appeared in your calendar?

Are you wondering why someone would upgrade to a paid membership on BeginnerTriathlete when there are so many great free features? Here's one that's small and might seem somewhat insignificant, if it weren't so darned handy: calendar syncing.

Everyone knows BT has a huge variety of reliable and effective training plans, built by experts in the sport. These plans don't just say, "Run for 30 minutes." They offer detail, education, and a specific focus for each workout. That's great, but after I painstakingly choose a plan that will fit into my busy work and home schedule, now I have to copy all of that information so it's available in my calendar.


Performance members (Bronze, Silver or Gold) have access to the calendar sync feature at BT. So once you've chosen your Training Plan and imported it into your logs here at BT, you can also sync it with your favorite online calendar, including Google, Outlook and iCal (iPhone and Mac).

Whammo, your workouts for the next two weeks are in your regular calendar, complete with all the details, sets and intervals.

So what if you're the type of person who has a complicated schedule, and moves your workouts around to fit your work and home life? Easy, just move the items around on your Training Calendar (viewable from your Training Log) and now your calendar is updated with the more workable schedule.

Although you can't sync farther out than two weeks, you can organize your Training Calendar on BT far into the future, and those rescheduled workouts will appear in your calendar every time it updates.

Now there's no excuse for not fitting a swim into your day because you forgot your suit and goggles in the morning. It was right there in your calendar.

Upgrade to a paid membership today to access this handy feature! (Or ask for a premium membership as a gift!)


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date: December 17, 2015

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