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For this traditional Beginner Triathlete program, our goal is to support our new beginners who are preparing for their first triathlon in the Spring/Summer of this coming year. This is not limited to beginner triathletes, but beginner exercisers in general. (Although most who sign up are intending to become triathletes.This program will be from January-April (3months+).


December - We collect the member bios of Mentor Applicants who will be available for January through April to mentor approximately 10-15 beginner triathletes (you can accept more if you want).

January - Mentor Groups (your information in a thread in the Mentor Forum) are published a few at a time, and BT users have the opportunity to sign up.

January - When your group has the number of people you would like to mentor (usually 10 to 15), mark your thread CLOSED by editing the subject line, and get started helping some beginners!

Expectations and Procedures:

Expect to check in at least three times per week with your group thread to answer questions, post supportive messages to your group members, and check their training logs.

'Mentoring' will be mainly through:

  • Your Group thread.
    As we move your Mentor Information into the Mentor Forum, you will use that common thread to:
    - Request the bios and goals of your mentees
    - Answer their questions
    - Post frequent weekly checkins to keep everyone motivated, to ask how the training has been going and to questions from your group.
    - Perhaps cover a short topic weekly on an aspect of triathlon training and racing?

  • The training log is where you and your beginners will be part of each others 'friends' network for easy inspiring and checking in on each other...of course logging is critical to assessing and helping. Encourage the users in your group to make their training log public and keep it updated. Make sure to add all of the people in your thread to your Friends list.

See example of how a 'Group Mentor' thread works.


Will you still have the time to make this 3 month commitment in April?  We really want to keep the quality of the mentor groups high with active mentors for the whole time period.  We don't like to see any group 'dissolve' in a month or so leaving the mentees hanging.  If you do need to opt-out during the program, we encourage you to find a replacement mentor.


For those willing to take on this challenge, please START A NEW THREAD in this forum via the 'New Thread' button top right in the mentor staging area forum

SUBJECT LINE: John Doe's Group - OPEN

Post/Message Content:

GROUP FOCUS: (sprints, long course, weightloss, etc)

NAME: Your username / first name  

STORY: A short paragraph of who you are, why you triathlon

FAMILY STATUS: Family situation (single/married/family)  

CURRENT TRAINING: How you train in general (what race distances in 2021 or any races so far in 2021, technical or not)

THIS YEAR'S RACES: Just a little summary of what you have recently done. 

UPCOMING YEAR'S RACES:  If your season is ready, list your races, if not, your training goals.

WEIGHTLOSS: And any weightloss goals that you have (or the weight lost so far as a triathlete).  

WHAT WILL MAKE ME A GOOD MENTOR: A brief paragraph on how you intend to be a responsive and capable mentor to your group for the next 3 months. 

*NOTE, you can have a co-mentor too!  If you want to split the help duties with another person, have them fill out a bio by replying the one you created here.

YOU WILL NOT AUTOMATICALLY GO TO THE 'LIVE' FORUM. WE PUBLISH NEW GROUPS GRADUALLY SO EVERYONE FILLS-UP WITH PEOPLE IN A REASONABLE AMOUNT OF TIME.  It may take a week or two until you go live. We will notify you when your group goes live so you can close it when you have enough people.

When you have a full group (10-15 people), you can change your original posts subject line from "OPEN" to 'Full' via the 'edit' button in your original post.


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