Do You Have a Triathlon Mentor?

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Free Triathlon Online Mentoring Open Now

It's an annual tradition here at Beginner Triathlete: January means online mentoring is open!

We have a Mentor Program here at BT (Beginner Triathlete) to provide personal advice and group encouragement to new users who may be learning to workout for the first time, or training for their first triathlon.

In addition to all the advice, tips and instructions to be found in our articles and forums here on the site, we also offer the Mentor Program from January until April. Experienced triathletes offer to lead a small group online. As the athletes, you can browse the open Mentor Groups and join one. There is no complicated registration - simply respond to the thread stating that you would like to join the group. The Mentor will check in with each of the athletes in the group regularly, and answer questions. The other members of the group encourage each other and build the sense of supportive community that is so important to us here at BT.

The program is free, and intended to help new triathletes get a solid start, bond with other triathletes, and find incentive to keep training, even when the going gets tough. Users are encouraged to log their workouts here on the site, in order for the others in the group and the group Mentor to monitor their training and offer encouragement and tips.

What are you waiting for? Join a group while there are still a few open! (Groups are marked "CLOSED" in the Mentor Forum if they are already full.)

For complete details, read our Mentor Program instructions.


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date: January 30, 2016

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