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What is the difference between the custom plans for free users vs. performance members?

Just one of the awesome features of Beginner Triathlete is the Custom Training Plan Creator. It is the amazing marriage of technology and knowledgeable coaches, coming together to crank out a plan that works for you, in mere seconds.

Our coaches at D3 helped design the system, so that the training plans have proper recommended distances and intensity for the user to successfully complete his or her goals. If you haven't tried it, give it a shot! First you choose your race distance and date, then you enter some information about yourself and your current fitness. After that, you specify the difficulty level of your choice, and input some information about how you would prefer the schedule be laid out. Then you press enter and bingo, you have a training plan.

We offer different levels of access to the Custom Training Plan Creator, based on your membership here at BT.

For free members, a training plan will be generated, but it must be printed out and used the old fashioned way. It can't be imported into the "My Training Plan" area of the training logs here at Beginner Triathlete.

For our Bronze and Silver members, plans can be created and imported to your training log. Once there, you can use My Planned Training calendar (just as you can for any plan) to slide the workouts to different days if necessary. Custom plans are available for many of the same race distances as the stock training plans: sprint and Olympic.

For our Gold members, the Custom Training Plan Creator can be used to make training plans for most race distances, including half-iron and full iron distance. These plans include full detail about heart rate zones, recommended exercises, details interval workouts, etc. And of course they can be imported into the Training Log so you can track your progress, upload your workouts from your device, view them on mobile, and sync the workouts with your Outlook or Google calendar.

For complete details and frequently asked questions about why the custom plans turn out the way they do (i.e. why is my longest run for Ironman training only 2.5 hours?) please read our reference page here.

You will also want to read our reference article on creating a safe and workable training plan. Customization is great, but it leaves room for the creator to plan workouts in a way that could be overly taxing. A busy athlete may try to schedule a long run and long bike workout on the same day. That's great for scheduling, but terrible for your body, your training, and your ability to recover enough to execute the next workout on the schedule.

Try the Custom Training Plan Creator, have fun, and tell your friends!


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date: February 29, 2016

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