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Using the forums, making friends, sharing logs

Have you been looking to train with others, but your schedule doesn't permit it?

Or do you want to "talk triathlon," but you don't run into other triathletes?

Or are you looking for a little more accountability with your training?

Try making more friends here at BeginnerTriathlete! If you are not already engaged in the forums, make a resolution to respond to one post each week. You'll probably find yourself doing a lot more than that. If you engage with someone you like communicating with, add their profile to your Friends list here on BT, and send them Inspires on their Training Log.

Another way to engage with more triathletes is to make your Training Log public and then ask for advice in the forums. The veterans and other triathletes who respond will have all the background information they need to make educated guesses about your progress.

Civility and Kindness

Moreso than most online discussion forums, BeginnerTriathlete has always been fairly strict about forum behavior. We look out for people selling things. We look out for people being mean-spirited or condescending. We ban problematic members. It's not the Wild West out there in the BT forums, especially in Triathlon Talk.

We're aware of how it feels when you post an innocent question as a newcomer to the sport and then someone makes you feel stupid for asking. That's not the kind of site this is. We care about our members, and we strive to create a caring community where new people feel welcomed and there's no such thing as a stupid question. Please don't be afraid to post in the forums!

Local Friends

Another great way to meet triathletes is to post in your state forum. If you filled out your state of residence when you joined, your state's forum will already be in your list of top forums. You can decide to have a group training session and invite others in your area. You can ask about local trails and cycling routes. You can arrange an open water swim with others, for safety.

So, make sure your training logs are public, and go make some friends! Even free members, as long as they are registered and logged in, can participate in the forums.

(For those of you already addicted to the forums, kindly disregard this message!)


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date: April 29, 2016

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