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What features are worth paying for?

Whether you just landed here this week looking for a training plan, or you've been a registered member for years, you may be wondering about the advantages of the various membership levels at BeginnerTriathlete.com.

We certainly offer a lot of great free stuff, and we're proud to do so. We have a number of free training plans for every distance, and the ability to use the Training Logs, post questions in the forums, buy or sell gear in the classifieds, and read our articles from respected and qualified contributors.

So why would anyone want to upgrade?

Here are few reasons that might intrigue you. Even if you are currently a Performance Member, read on to make sure you are taking advantage of these great features!

Beginner Triathlete Performance Member Perks:

  1. Upload workouts from any device. If you are a free member, you are probably typing in the distance and time from your Garmin or Polar or other watch. It becomes time consuming to type in all of the details about heart rate, etc. Performance members can sync their workout data to their training log, and use the great features there.

  2. Weather forecast at the top of your weekly planned training, so you can see any weather-related challenges that might cause you to rearrange your workouts.

  3. The ability to rearrange your workout schedule, by easily and intuitively sliding workouts around in the calendar view.

  4. Workouts emailed to you daily, so you have all the details in your phone.

  5. Planned training calendar synced to your Outlook, iPhone or Google calendar.

  6. Ability to input your nutrition information, so you can use BT as a food journal as well as a training log.

If you are already a Performance Member but you don't know how to use some of these features, check out our reference page.

Comparing Plans

The main differences between Bronze, Silver and Gold are as follows:

Bronze members have access to the features in the list above.

Silver members have access to premium training plans that contain more detailed workouts, such as specific swim sets, warmups, cool downs, and more, rather than the simpler "Run: 25 minutes" you'll find in the Bronze/Free plans. (The Bronze plans and free plans are the same, but Bronze members can import the plans and use the Performance features in the log.)

Gold members have access to everything already mentioned, plus they can use the amazing Custom Training Plan Creator, which asks you questions about your current fitness, age, gender, weight, pace, work schedule, etc. and creates a plan that will take you from your current fitness to the next level, built around your life!

See a full membership comparison here.


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