First Triathlon!

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Inspired to Get Fit for Wedding

In August I completed my first triathlon.

It was a sprint but WOW was it hard and exciting for me.

Over the years I completely let myself go. I was overweight and turning 30. With five months to go before my wedding day, I decided to make a change. I knew I wanted to lose weight for the wedding but more importantly I wanted to become a healthier me.

With the total support of my then fiancee (now married!) and the support (free coaching) from a friend of mine who is an Ironman, I embarked on this crazy "Tri Life" journey. My wife got me a bike for my 30th and I joined a pool.

At this point I should mention ... I needed to learn to swim! With my friend and now coach sending me weekly plans, I hit the road and water full steam ahead.

Race day came and I panicked when the water was too warm for a wet suit. Although I lost significant weight along the way, I was nervous to be shirtless in front of everyone! I learned real fast that triathletes are not judging and are a supportive group of people.

The race went great and I did better than I could have ever expected: Top 10 among the Clydesdales!

Fast forward to today; I'm 36 pounds down. I have races planned for next season...

Oh, and an Ironman 70.3 in September! You could say I'm hooked!


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date: December 23, 2016



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