Signed Up; Now What!?

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What to do now that you've registered for your first tri

The most common New Year’s resolution out there is health related. Either to shed a few pounds, eat healthier, or finish a first race (or first race at any given distance). Just walk around your work and ask people, or scroll thru your social media feeds and you’ll see what I’m talking about!

It’s always a great time of year! I love hearing the stories from people saying they signed up for their first 5k race this year, their first marathon, triathlon etc. Even my own wife signed up to do her own half marathon after only doing 5ks previously!

There’s always to buyer’s remorse however after people sign up and that feeling of "NOW WHAT” do I do?! It’s pretty typical for people to get excited about their goals, pull out Mr. Credit Card and sign up for a race without knowing what that goal entails.

Fortunately for you; if you are reading this you are already on the right track! Beginner Triathlete is a great place for people to get started as the name implies. And, while the name implies triathletes, there’s many runners and cyclists on the site as well since triathlon of course involves all 3 sports so even if you are just getting into running or cycling BT is a great source of information! From the forums, to the mentor groups, to the many coaches and athletes who comment, you have plenty of resources here.

Here’s a quick checklist for you to get started and ensure you accomplish your goals this year!

  1. Know the demands of your race. Whether it be a 5k, 10k, half marathon full marathon or triathlon, know the exact demands of that race. Many people sign up for “destination” races to make a vacation out of it; but fail to realize how different races present different challenges. A marathon in hilly California for example, is much different then racing a marathon in the flatlands of the mid-west!

  2. Write down your goals, and create a schedule – also known as an Annual Training Plan. I’ve written numerous articles on this on my website, and there are many other resources out there. But the big thing, is write down your goals!

  3. Be realistic. Both with what your goals are, and the amount of training time you have available daily and weekly. Don’t burn yourself out; you want to succeed, have fun and prevent any injuries.

  4. Have appropriate gear. While many argue, triathlon is an expensive and sometimes cost prohibitive sport, this isn’t always true. Sure, there are $15k bikes (yes, really) and you can easily spend $20 - $30k a year on traveling and racing; but, you can also easily race triathlons for much less. We spend less than $1k on my wife’s first season of triathlon and that’s only because I wanted to get her a nicer bike then the one she wanted. You can do a race on any bike, just make sure it’s in safe riding condition! Have your local bike shop check it out for you.

  5. Have fun! I’ve said it over and over. There is no place, and no community, like the endurance sports community. It’s a lifestyle, one that I’ve been a part of for 20 years now and nowhere else have I seen such a diverse group of people come together, have fun, and all support each other. It’s great!

I love that we can be part of the sport, and that as a coach I can help people accomplish their goals. I’ve been a long member, contributor, and commenter on Beginner Triathlete as I believe it adds tons of value and helps many people, and I’ve also included a couple of free 5k and Sprint Triathlon plans on my website for signing up for my newsletter to help people get started.

Tony Zamora is a USA Triathlon Level 2 coach, founder & Chief Endurance Officer of Chicago based Endorphin Hub, LLC – an online endurance sports coaching & consulting service. Tony shares his lifelong passion for triathlon by working with athletes around the world looking to improve their health through endurance sports. From working with 1st time triathletes, to those looking to go for the podium, our motto is “Inspiring Lives, One Race at a Time”. Follow Endorphin Hub on Instagram @endorphinhubllc and on his blog at


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