Getting into a Training Groove

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How to make a new thing into a regular thing

Although exercise has been scientifically proven to provide a plethora of positive benefits such as lower blood pressure, increased circulation, muscle growth, and fat loss, getting started may be the hardest part of the journey. Many new-found fitness enthusiasts are faced with the daunting task of going to the gym, setting up a diet routine, and making lifestyle changes that are drastically different than their current ones. Luckily all these changes don’t necessarily have to be difficult, and the process can transition smoothly with these simple tactics.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

The most critical component in starting a new fitness lifestyle is starting slow and steady in order to promote healthy habits. Habits are the habitual behaviors we engage in without having to convince ourselves otherwise. Think of your current morning routine: You wake up, brush your teeth, cook breakfast, and perhaps enjoy a cup of coffee while browsing your favorite websites on your laptop. No one has to convince you to perform this routine because you have turned it into a habitual behavior that you enjoy completing. Similarly, performing rigorous exercise on a daily basis can be transformed into a behavior that an individual can look forward to. The way this is completed is by starting small and creating micro goals that support your big vision of becoming healthy and active. Start today by simply completing one exercise followed by the consumption of a healthy food or beverage. This easy-to-complete-task will eventually evolve into a complete lifestyle change. Make it a part of something you do every day, the habits will follow you a lifetime.

Surround Yourself with a Positive Atmosphere

When trying to kick the habit of drugs or alcohol, medical professionals often advise the patient distance themselves from negative influences in their personal life that promote those unhealthy activities. If health enthusiasts wish to change their fitness routine, perhaps surrounding oneself with friends that enjoy the activity will ensure you complete your daily mission. Get rid of your more unhealthy indulgences and get rid of junk food and other vices. You might also need to boost your own motivation. This might mean, rewarding yourself with a healthy, but delicious snack after a workout. Or maybe you get a smaller size in an article of clothing you've been eyeing once you reach a weight goal. You could also invest in skin treatments or elective procedures to help yourself feel more confident in your gym shorts, once you've achieved a certain goal. Motivation is powerful, but only if you have it.

If you're looking to revamp your lifestyle and mold it into one of fitness, these tactics are sure to help. Remember the power of positive change lies within your realm of capability and can easily be attained with the proper approach. Motivation can quickly dwindle and leave use feeling disappointed and unhappy with our current situation. The creation of healthy habits in our daily lives can move mountains.

Eileen O'Shanassy is a freelance writer and blogger based out of Flagstaff, AZ. She writes on a variety of topics and loves to research and write. She enjoys baking, biking, and kayaking. Check out her Twitter @eileenoshanassy. For more information on leg veins or treatments for spider veins check out Iven Treatment Center in Provo, Utah.



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