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Top Exercises for the Injured

Participating in any sport—whether we’re talking a physical team sport or a solo one such as a triathlon—in can be physically taxing. Thus, you may be prone to injury, which is why it’s important to slow down every now and then, rest up and take the time to heal. Yet, that doesn’t mean that you have to stop exercising and staying in shape. Below are a few exercises you can do depending on where you are hurt.

Ankle and Foot Injuries

Since your ankles and feet bear all of your weight, exercising without aggravating your injury requires some creativity. Using a stationary bike or a rowing machine with the uninjured leg is one way to get a workout. Also, swimming is an excellent alternative. Consult with a trainer at your local gym about any cardio that you can do that requires no weight bearing on your bad foot or ankle.

Knee and Leg Injuries

Leg and knee injuries are frustrating and limiting for exercise because nearly all endurance exercises require extension of the knee joint and leg flexion. Once again, cautiously cycling with one leg is a good alternative. Also, swimming with a pull buoy, hand cycling and kayaking are good alternatives.

Elbow and Shoulder Injuries

Upper body injuries are the easiest to get around for cardio exercising. Stair climbing, walking, the elliptical trainer and hands-free cycling are all options. Weight lifting machines focusing only on the legs like a leg press is also an option.

Lower Back Injuries

If your lower back is bothering you, then you have to be very careful. All additional exercising you do has to be light. If you want to maintain cardiovascular fitness, you should stick to walking short distances, recumbent cycling and swimming for short periods of time.

What to do if Pain Persists or Worsens

First, if pain gets worse at any moment, you should stop what you’re doing. You have to pay attention to yourself carefully. If the pain does not get better, then you have to go to a doctor that specializes in your particular injury. If your foot is hurting, for example, then you should go and see a foot doctor.

If injury strikes you while playing a team sport, practicing for an event or a solo sport like triathlon, it might be wise to take your time easing back into exercising. If you cannot resist, then pay attention to your body, and you should call your doctor to at least get some advice. You only get one body, so you need to take care of it.

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