First Triathlon: Toppling

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An embarrassing crash coming out of transition doesn't stop this first-timer

Congratulations to BT User MikeyNC81, who shared his story of his first triathlon:

Well, after many years of wanting to do a triathlon, I finally did one at Patagonia Lake, AZ. I participated in the sprint distance race. 

I had only been swimming for about 6 weeks but felt confident I could complete the 500m. The thing I didn't consider was sighting in the open water. I was terrible. I looked at my watch after I got out of the water and I swam a little over a 1000yds.

Stripped my wetsuit off and went through T1 like a snail. Got my bike to the mount line and for some reason I clipped in my opposite foot as opposed to what I do everyday.

I started to go up a small incline a few feet down the line and didn't get my other foot clipped and fell over. Was pretty embarrassing. The bike course was super hilly but I managed not to stop and just grinded out the hills in my lowest gear. During the downhills I did brake often as I had never gone that fast (38mph) on a bike and was a little timid.

T2 was alright at under a minute but I could improve.

Having a running background, that portion I feel I performed the best at. Even though I felt slow at times, I had a wonderful experience. Everyone out there were very friendly and supportive. Can't wait to do more. I have Havasu and Dueces Wild marked on my calendar for next year.

Mike has gone on to complete more triathlons, and is contributing in our forums. Thanks Mike!



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date: November 30, 2017

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