Submit Your Favorite Gear for BT's Annual Gift Guide

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Help your fellow triathletes find great gear under the Christmas tree

I know it's still 90 degrees in a lot of places, but we must plan ahead.

Each year, Beginner Triathlete publishes a holiday gift guide for triathletes. We want to include the basics as well as the latest and greatest new inventions and hot bikes.

Please submit your ideas, complete with a link to the product, to [email protected]

If you have personally used and loved a certain item, please PLEASE submit a Gear Review on the site so we can have an idea of how it performs. Gear Reviews may be submitted here  by any registered user of the site.

We also have a Pay It Forward discussion in our Classified Ads area of the site. If you really want to make someone's day, don't make them wait for Santa Claus. Give them something you aren't using anymore. Click this link, but make sure you page to the last item in the discussion. This conversation has been going on for years, and last time we checked, there we 98 pages of items offered for free and claimed by other triathletes.


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date: September 3, 2018

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