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Enjoy our new feature with our training plans

Many triathletes like to use the off season to build power or incorporate weight lifting for injury prevention, core strength and general health.

Previously, members needed to page through all of our training plans to find the few that included some strength training, even if the overall training plan was not a fit. Those who were very technically savvy understood there was a workaround, but it wasn't great.

So we are pleased to introduce our "Add-on Strength" plan. This plan includes weightlifting exercises for legs, back and shoulders, as well as a full core routine, twice per week.

No matter if you already have a triathlon plan you are training with, or if you are selecting a new plan, you can import this plan on top of it to add strength training.

The workouts are best accomplished in a gym, although you can do many of the exercises with home weights. There are videos of how to complete each exercise properly, as well as each of the core routines, linked to the workouts.


And don't forget, Bronze, Silver and Gold members can move workouts around to different calendar days using the My Planned Calendar button on the My Training Plan tab.


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date: October 31, 2018

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