New to Triathlon? You've Found Your Tribe

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You are welcome here at BeginnerTriathlete, where no question is dumb

If you are training for a triathlon in the new year and looking for resources, support, friends, training plans, a virtual coach or a mentor, you've come to the right place.

BeginnerTriathlete has been around since 2003, supporting triathletes with well-researched articles, discussion forums to get free answers and support from other triathletes, and providing a platform for our users and members to choose a training plan, log their actual workouts, and compare the plan with reality.

Our Training Plans are here. Some are free. More detailed plans require our affordable paid membership. Our Custom Training Plan Creator is the most fun tool of all. It allows you to build a plan based on where you are now, even if it takes you 15 minutes to run a mile and you've barely been in the pool. It also allows you to move your workouts around to the days of the week that work with your schedule. We also have online coaching available for just $35 per month.

You'll find tons of up-to-date articles on our homepage, plus 17 years of archives on every topic you can imagine.

Try posting a question in our discussion forums. Before you know it, you'll be training several hours a week and you'll find yourself posting answers, too! 

We also have Mentor Groups that kick off each January. Volunteers lead an online group, using a group thread. Join for free and make friends that last the whole year!

You are always welcome here, and there's plenty to learn. You can use many of our features for free, but we do ask you to register. This helps cut down on annoying spam and disruptive comments. Thanks and happy training!


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date: December 29, 2019

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