Using the Triathlon Custom Training Plan Creator for Covid-19

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How to customize a training plan for triathlon when your races are canceled

At BeginnerTriathlete, we have a number of training plans for various distances and fitness levels. But our piece de resistance is the Custom Training Plan Creator, which allows you to enter your race date (or choose a block of time for maintenance) and information about your fitness level, and then a custom plan is created for you.

You get to decide which day of the week is your long run day.

Usually, our users enter their race date and the plan calculates backward.

But now we are seeing a lot more people creating maintenance plans.

How to Create a Maintenance Plan

Click on our Custom Training Plan Creator, and on the question Race or Maintenance? choose Maintenance.

Now you can choose a number of weeks, from four to 20.

Continue to fill out the information for all five steps.

At the end of the process, free members will receive a basic plan to save or print.

Bronze and Silver members will be able to import the new training plan into their Planned Training here on the site, for tracking, sharing, and adjusting as they go along.

Gold members receive a new training plan with detailed workouts for each day, and will also be able to import these into their Planned Training, and sync them with their personal calendar. Gold members wake up every morning with their workout in their phone calendar, including all the details of warm-ups, interval sets and more.

Recommendations for COVID-19 Training Plan Adjustments

We are working hard to make our training plan more flexible and allow our users to replace swim workouts with strength workouts, however that will require some programming and we aren't finished yet.

Until then, we recommend:

  1. Moving your swim workouts to days when you would like to do strength training

  2. Ignoring your swim workouts (unless you have access to swimming, which many do not right now)

  3. After you've created your training plan, adding on our Strength Add-On Plan on top of the training plan you just created.

Keep checking back as we continue to make improvements that allow your training to have the flexibility it needs during these uncertain times.


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date: April 30, 2020

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