New Book: The Life-Affirming Quest for an Ironman 70.3 World Championship

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Musings of an age group triathlete

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Montreal, Quebec,  July 2, 2020 

In "My Coworkers Think I’m a Pro: Musings of an Age Group Triathlete," Brock Gibbs gives a comical retelling of his journey to becoming an Ironman All World Athlete and top ten finisher. Gibbs is a member of the Elite Squad of the number one amateur triathlon team in the world, Wattie Ink.  In this, his breakout book, Gibbs weaves stories from his past with his experiences as a triathlete as he explores the life-affirming impact of triathlon.

Brock’s stories about becoming a triathlete, from fumbling newbie to All World Athlete, are funny and relatable to all triathletes.  He captures the gruelling and complex nature of the sport as he wrestles to understand its culture, to improve his skills, to push beyond his emotional boundaries, and to overcome injury.  Brock makes his audience laugh as he embraces the pain that is integral in triathlon and in life.

“I finally understood that the race was designed to hurt that much...I needed it to hurt.  I didn’t need the finish line, the hugs, or the medal draped around my neck...None of that stuff mattered at all because, with just a couple of kilometres left, there was right now.  I didn’t want anything else.” (My Coworkers Think I’m a Pro, p. 8)

My Coworkers Think I’m a Pro: Musings of an Age Group Triathlete is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


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