Training Schedule Messed Up? Slide Your Workout to Another Day

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Customizable training plans at BeginnerTriathlete mean you can move your workouts on the fly.

Let's face it, no matter how dedicated we are to our training schedule, sometimes life circumstances get in the way. A kid gets sick, no reservations are available for a lane in the pool, the roads are covered with ice ... you name it, for every workout there is a way for life to interfere.

At BeginnerTriathlete, we are dedicated to you having a training plan that cannot be broken! We've put a lot of research into our training plans and our Custom Training Plan Creator so you can be confident you'll arrive at the starting line with the fitness you need.

Part of that dedication means being realistic about moving around your workouts.

That's why our Performance Members benefit from being able to slide their workouts to another day of the week, quickly and easily.

Click on your Training Plan, and then then "My Planned Calendar" to view your training plan in the calendar grid view. Simply grab a workout and drag it from one day to another to fit your schedule.

Don't believe us? Take 10 seconds to watch this silent video showing the workouts gently sliding into place on a new day in seconds:


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date: April 18, 2021

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