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Q&A with Siri Lagley, winner of the ITU President’s Cup racing series two years in a row and coach of Susan Williams, US Athens triathlete.

Siri Lindley is a name synonymous with success in the sport of triathlon. A former all-time scoring leader in lacrosse and varsity team member for ice and field hockey at Brown University, Siri ate up the competition as an athlete. She went on to be the dominatrix of triathlons becoming one of only two to win the ITU President’s Cup racing series two years in a row and retired as No. 1 in the world. In 2004 she coached Susan Williams to the country’s first Olympic medal in triathlon. But alas, Siri had to begin somewhere - let’s just say her start wasn’t as auspicious as her finish. Here’s the story of her first triathlon.

“It was a disastrous sight,” Siri, is excitedly babbling into the microphone. The tall, lithe athlete runs her fingers through her blond hair. She’s all smiles but the tale she’s telling of her first foray into swimming is tinged with a hint of pain. “I couldn’t make it across 10 meters.”

Siri is speaking as a panelist at the Women’s Sports Connection meeting in Denver Colorado. [.....]

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date: December 14, 2004

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