Logging Your Workouts

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Some general instructions on how to log your actual and planned training daily workouts.

Before you start logging, make sure to configure your training log settings.

How to log your workouts

Blog View:  

Simply click on 'Add Activity' to log a workout.

Calendar View:

Hover over or click on the day you want to log training and you will see a dropdown to select a workout to log.

*NOTE, if you use the 'equipment tracker', make sure you select the appropriate piece of equipment you used everytime you log to keep accurate use.

Device Upload BUTTON

Assuming you have your uploader configured, you can upload your workout data for the current day only.  See more details here.

General TAB

The 'General' tab will let you log the basics of your workout including tagging your route, equipment and keywords.

Heart Rate and Power Zones TAB

This tab will allow you to log simple heart rate or detailed HR zone information.

Intervals TAB

You can log detailed interval data do then generate lap and split data for that workout.

Training Plan Workouts

This is exactly the same as the 'actual' blog and calendar logging.

To log planned training if you are manually creating your workouts, go to: Training Log --> My Training Plan

Repeat the above logging procedures.

Don't get confused as to if you're viewing your planned or actual training.  Look at your headers and titles.  It's an easy switch back and forth.


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