Mag Trainer vs. Rollers: Pros & Cons

author : KevinKonczak
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So which one is best for you? It boils down to the aforementioned questions only you can answer and, ultimately, to what extent you will use it as a tool for winter cycling fitness.

Which one is better? While there will always be hard core advocates of each, I would like to explore some common traits of each of the test subjects in depth.


Mag trainer

First, the mag trainer (a.k.a magnetic trainer, turbo trainer, fluid trainer) is pretty harsh on the tires. The wear on tires increases as the metal roller of the Mag pushes on the tire when resistance is added. This can be costly—even more so if you use that same tire going downhill outside and happen to crash from a blowout. It is best to have one or two older tires to use on any indoor trainer, and save your good tires for outside riding. Adjusting the bike properly into the apparatus can be a pain, but that depends on the make and model. I currently have a Minoura Trak Stand I picked up at a sports equipment reseller, and found it fairly easy to adjust the bike into it. [.....]

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date: October 2, 2005