Negative Splits: How and Why

author : KevinKonczak
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Negative splitting is a learned skill, and can be a valuable tool to use in virtually any race situation. Employing Negative Split workouts in your training can improve your racing.

Member Question:

I always start out too fast…and telling myself to start out slower and then speed up just isn’t enough. How do you achieve negative splits? Is this something easily practiced on a treadmill, where you can punch in the speed you want? (I will have access to “dreadmills” fairly soon…lucky me.)


Definition of a Negative Split: In a workout application, this usually refers to any workout where the last half of a interval or entire workout is slightly faster than the first. To elaborate, I will use this in an example of an eight mile run—in this case, four miles out to a random or pre-planned turn around point, and then four miles back again.


This is like the run I did today. [.....]

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date: February 12, 2007