If I can do it - Nine Weeks from Sub-zero to First Triathlon

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9 weeks after my first bike ride, 5 months after my first swim and 13 months after my surgery I entered the Nelson week Tri a Tri !

In September 2004 I underwent surgery for a full hysterectomy. My surgeon told me it may be time to reflect on my lifestyle. Heavy smoker, zero exercise, unhealthy diet. After such life changing surgery I thought maybe he was right, so after I left hospital I decided that I would continue not to smoke and would reflect on the other two key points. I took up yoga for weight control and stress management, and I made some severe changes to my diet incorporating lots of fresh fruits and veggies that I had stayed away from before.

In March 2005, my boyfriend and I were asked to man a water station for the Nevis Olympic Triathlon, so my family and I spent the day enjoying the festivities, watching all the athletes and clapping them all home. After all had finished, the organizer asked me if I didn't fancy trying a tri? “Oh yes,” said I, “but I do, however, have a few problems...” “Like what,” said he? “Well I have never learned to swim, never learned to ride a bike, and the only running I have done is to and from my car!” “Oh,” said he, and he walked away.

Two months later my aunt arrived and I relayed the story. She said, "I can teach you to swim!" And she did; the day before my 31st birthday in May this year, I swam my first two strokes! I was so proud of myself. I practiced every day for 2 months until a friend joined me. The conversation of triathlon came up again, and I mentioned the two remaining problems, "I can teach you to ride a bike," she said. And after lots of wobbling and laughter from my two children, and plenty of gentle persuasion from my boyfriend, I did it! In August this year I learned to cycle, badly at first, but cycle I did. The running came next, which was the easiest of the three to conquer!

9 weeks after my first bike ride, 5 months after my first swim and 13 months after my surgery I entered the Nelson week Tri a Tri !

200m Swim, 5k bike and 3k run. And I won!!!! I was so elated I thought I was going to burst! I am now training for the sprint distance in March 2006.

The swim went really well, the bike went well too, the run on jell-o legs was really hard but I finished, 2 minutes and 18 seconds in front of the second place. Proud as a peacock does not even start to cover it!

I have to say I could not of done it without the constant encouragement of my wonderful boyfriend, the love and support of my two great kids, and the endless patience of my training partner!

Bring on the sprint distance! I cannot wait to see just how much I can achieve!


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date: November 27, 2005