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Discussions on periodization, tubular vs clinchers, swimming cadence, 650's vs 700's, plan priority, RAAM after double IM and swim training before race day.

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[rkreuser] OK...I'll tee one up for ya, Kevin...other than the taper, does periodization help the MOP'er?

[KevinKonczak] We all need, to maximize whatever we have, so yes.

[rkreuser] Like a good soldier I lay out prep, base, build, and peak...

[KevinKonczak] MORE for MOP'er than the elites.

[rkreuser] Really? How so?

[KevinKonczak] The elites can handle more volume & stresses of hard training then MOP'ers. He is unaffected by a 100 mile ride & repeats on the track than the MOP'ers. He IS affected, just recovers quicker.  So layin' it down day after day isn't such a big deal for him, where it is for MOP'ers with kids, jobs, family, travel, etc.

[rkreuser] I heard that. Everyone suffers, pros just suffer better and recover quicker.

[KevinKonczak] They (elites), know how to recover better not just from what they can do (sleep more), but are in tune with their bodies better. The MOP'ers if they don't have a coach, may have to rely on books for advice to recover.

[rkreuser] OK....Lemme throw out another perennial question. Tubular or clincher?

[KevinKonczak] I like Tubulars (also known as sew-ups), because the higher psi, less chance of flats, and comfy ride. Tests done by ZIPP now show the best clincher wheels and tires to have nearly the same rolling resistance. Depends on how much you want to spend. Also, clinchers are easier to replace in a race than tubulars, so take that into account.

[ejc999]  I have a question, it seems that running and cycling are moving to high cadence/turnover while swimming it seems to stress efficiency in the stroke. Why not high cadence on the swim?

[KevinKonczak] Great question, I was at the ART & SCIENCE OF TRIATHLON, and a 12+ National Champion collegiate swim coach said that there is an Australian swimmer in the Olympics, I think the bald distance swimmer guy...that has a very high turnover.  So it depends on who you are. I experimented with this, and swam the same pace per 100 than with a slower stronger stroke.

[Lucy] Someone told me I "glide" too much, but at the end of the set, I was right on their feet, they're all out of breath, I'm not.

[KevinKonczak] You will stall out & slow if you glide too much. Start your pull (down & back) right away when the hand gets into the water.

[grvfrog] That's the hardest thing for me to get down, I feel like my hand lays on top forever before I make my pull...working on it though.

[KevinKonczak] Here's a thought while your swim grvfrog...think of a barrel as you reach your arm around it as it lay on its side, then crush it into your chest.


[grvfrog] Yeah, that's what my coach says to do, I feel like when I pull immediately, then my turnover goes way up and I feel like I'm spinning out of control. But I also have a very low bike and run cadence too.

[possum]  I have a Q: There are a lot of conflicting opinions about 650c vs 700 c wheels?

[KevinKonczak]  650s are on the way out...like the beta version of the VHS.  More expensive, harder to find, and not as comfy as 700c.

[possum] That's what I hear, BUT, I am a BOPer here in my 'hood bc I am SO bad at climbing, and I heard it could help me...and I am a short woman....

I avoided the 650s, and chose wisely. Kestrel has finally smelled the coffee & are making 700s more & more. Ride more that will help you better.  Use the spinner before weights & aim for 90ish rpms.


[KevinKonczak]  Are you doing IM or short course?


[possum]  ha ha ha. I am a big fan of the Sprint Distance, will do my first Oly in 2 weeks, depending on how I enjoy that, I might keep stepping it up.

[KevinKonczak] Short course you'll need more power to burst up the hills.  IM you need to pace yourself from the bottom at a steady pace & not go too anaerobic

[Lucy] So wheel size isn't relative to your height?


[KevinKonczak] Size doesn't matter compared to height. They make frames for short & big in all wheel sizes.


[Lucy] So basically, the frame fit is more crucial than the tire size, then?

[KevinKonczak] Yes, and FIT is even more critical. Someone that knows what they are doing for bike fits.

[guyo] How do you choose which event over a season takes the priority? I have just finished this year with 2 sprints and 1 Oly (Xterra) and would like to look at a Half-Ironman in Dec/Jan but a half-marathon in October? Should I train mainly for the HIM and include the half-marathon as a pre-event or use the winter break to train for the half-marathon before the start of the 20 week HIM program?

[KevinKonczak] You could do both well, just pick one. Be smart about recovery, if you need specific pointers, drop me a line off of the D3 site. What is MORE important to YOU?

[guyo] Half-Ironman is more important

[KevinKonczak] Okay, there is your answer. You will want to do an Ironman I'll bet after that, it's addictive.  Like a fine chocolate (Lindt), you can't get enough!

[grvfrog] Okay, along with the race thing...here's a question, one I'm going to discuss with my coach as well, but would like other opinions as well. I just did IMAZ and now I'm going to do the double IM Oct. 7-8. I also really want to do this 500 mile RAAM qualifier, but it's 2 weeks later. Can this be pulled off or should I drop the 500 miler idea? I want the double to be my A race and then just see if I could do the 500, if I didn't finish it, that would be okay, but is it foolish to even try it?

[KevinKonczak] Self destructive unless you have a TDF team doctor to give you 'special' recovery aids. Drop the RAAM, you'll be destroyed after the double (if the 2x is your A race). Remember your longevity in the sport, you may be burned out by the time the 2x IM is over (from the race & the pre-race training). On the 2 in a 5 weeks thing...been there done it (almost)...blew sky high 2nd IM.  13 miles into the run I popped--not advisable for 2 in a 5 week period.

[grvfrog] Dropping the 500 seems to be the consensus, but I just loved the 24 hr ride I did out there so much. Oh well, I don't want to kill myself before making it to the triple IM.

[KevinKonczak] Do it next year then, save the macho man for the ones who really want to get sick of it all quick.

[rkreuser] How much, in reality, does shoes-on-the-bike save you in transition?

[KevinKonczak] I don't use them on the pedals (Speedplays), they wiggle a bit too much. But there is a product out there I was going to mention that just came out, and it is an elastic loop with a thing you ratchet tie on the bike. Holds the shoe in your desired position- NIKE Frees--if you are biomechanically efficient, yeah. If not, no support for pro-sup'nators (Supinators).

[cbost2678] Question about Memphis....Should I swim the loop the day before?


[KevinKonczak] No, just loosen up--500 meters is fine.

[Manatee Express] Should I skip swim practice on the day before a Saturday race?

[KevinKonczak] You can do it if it is early, but go easy, cut it a little short. You may be better off just doing a few hundred on your own to keep from getting too competitive during practice. Day before is just to loosen up & then check your equipment & pack your transition bag. Pretty basic/common sense stuff really. Kona always has knuckleheads running around the day before doing intervals & such on Alii Drive. They are usually puking by mile 80 on the bike. Kick back & chill.

[cbost2678] Question about wetsuits...do many people swim in shortys? Are full legged that much more buoyant?

[KevinKonczak] Not many. Most with big upper bodies use a longjohn, but any pro will tell you if you can get away with using wetsuits, and water is cool enough, go FULL suit. Much faster. Fulls are the fastest.  I find Blue-Seventy which makes Ironman Wetsuits as my favorite/most flexible & fastest suit. Just my opinion. We're all different.

[ejc999] Kevin, what do you use for nutrition during long course events?


[KevinKonczak] I use REVENGE PRO with Carbo Pro during IM & HIM races.  Has protein in it, and the Carbo Pro
www.carbopro.com is the preferred secret weapon of pro triathletes. Unless they are sponsored by someone else. Also, salt tabs...check out www.saltsticks.com developed by Dr. Jonathan Toker. Looks to be a hot product & aero.

[Manatee Express] I bought a power tap this year for training, I love it and all the stats that go along with. How much am I sacrificing by racing with the powertap instead of my HED 3 spoke rear?

[KevinKonczak] PT, heavy. I just got the Ergomo it is awesome--and light, and don't need a different wheel to race with it. The latest in power training.


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