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Here is some help on issues related to the video player:

What can I do if the video keeps pausing to reload?
This means that your connection isn't fast enough to keep up with the buffer.  What you can do is to initially load the video (press the play button), after if starts playing a few seconds, press 'pause'.  You will see that the video is still loading as the grey bar is growing and the '%' is increasing.


You can de-pause or play the video once the buffer is full and it says 100%.  This will play the video without pauses. 

What if I have dial-up?
You will definitely have to pause the video so that the buffer gets to 100% or it will be stopping often.  Depending on the length of video and your dial-up speed, this can take several minutes to 20-30minutes if it's a long video.

What if I have DSL?
Depending on your DSL provider (ex, SBC-Yahoo) and location, you may be able to view the video without having to pause it to buffer.  But if your DSL is slower, you may have to pause it to buffer it to view it without stopping.  DSL available speeds can vary greatly.

What if I have wireless broadband?
Chances are, these will be slower connections than cable too.  We have tested Verizon's wireless access and you will need to follow the above instructions to preload the video so you can watch it uninterrupted.

What connection is the video optimized for?
These videos are optimized for a cable connection. 

What bitrate are the videos broadcast in?
We like to keep the videos at the highest possible quality, so the bitrate is 700-1000kbps, a speed that most cable and above connections should have no problems with.


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date: July 16, 2006