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photoI’m only slightly thick in the head, but there is a gremlin-ish energy in the air as I prepare for my run. It occurs to me that this is not gonna be a comfortable 8 miles. This is gonna hurt.
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photoExtoling the virtues of going for more than you should. It's an odd way to get satisfaction from life, and it’s often painful, but it's my way.
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photoTo prevent a mental breakdown before you even get to the starting line, use the winter months to set goals, build your base, vary your workouts, cut back on training and throw in some variety.
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photoIn February of 2004 I was a 270 pound 34 year old. I had the body of an out-of-shape, degenerate lineman. I was strong and muscular, but with a healthy dose of jiggle and even, dare I say it, wiggle.
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