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photoIn this article I will list some mistakes that I made along with how to ensure you don't make them, I'll go over a few details on how to maximize your training time and talk briefly about nutrition.
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photoThe running aspect of an Ironman triathlon is a marathon. Most people take on a marathon as a single event and the training for this uses up a lot of their time. Here are some tips for the run.
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photoThis is part three of a five part series on how to train for an Iron distance race. In this article I would like to try to offer up some information about how to get through the bike unscathed.
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photoIn this month's article I will talk about swim frequency, pacing, technique, goggles, wetsuits, sighting, mass practice and open water training.
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photoSo you want to become an Ironman?! Are you sure...? It's not a light undertaking. I will attempt to help you make it through without making too many rookie mistakes.
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