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date: October 31, 2016
review by: alicefoeller

I love my Vibrams. Back when I wore regular "high heeled" running shoes, I had to replace them frequently. With Vibrams, there is no cushioning that becomes worn out or compacted. There's just the soles and the uppers. On my very first pair, which lasted for years, I finally wore through the rubber on the bottom and my toes were touching the pavement, so I bought this "new" pair on eBay. I'm happy to have them. I can still use my old pair for weighlifting, because they are structurally still in good shape, except for the wear on the bottom. It's also great to look at the bottoms of these to see wear patterns and help diagnose stride problems. My right shoe wears faster than the left, and I've been able to identify hip dropping on my right side that is causing my foot to twist a bit at the end of my stride. I'm working on correcting that.

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