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date: November 29, 2011
review by: japutt

This is an all around great shoe for anyone that is looking to put in some srious miles on hard surfaces. The shoe fits true to size and the colors are great. I would highly recomend this shoe. I have just bought the Glycerin 9 and they seem to be every bit as good as the 8. I would say that if you can find the glycerin 8 for under $100 its a steal and you should get 2 pair.

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date: November 4, 2011
review by: natepetemel

Paid WAY too much for these shoes. I bought them for comfort. Had a heck of a time getting fitted at the Running Room. Learned two things. Brooks shoes are for Gym Class only. Running Room is over priced. Will never buy Brooks shoes to run in, and will shop at a REAL running store for runners not a running store for the masses (had a gift card given to me so wanted to use it).

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date: October 25, 2011
review by: Gladiador

My first running shoes, cannot make a comparison towards others. But, I recommend it though, especially for off-road (rocks, woods).

Updated after 400k.
Updated after 600k.
Updated after 1.000k.

PHOTO: The green pair is the one with 1.000k, and the white ones are brand new (0k). I recommend these running shoes absolutely.

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date: October 23, 2011
review by: tsauder

I bought these shoes for their supposed "adaptable" cushioning. I didn't notice any difference while walking or running slow/fast. I am 175 pounds and found these shoes to be way too firm from the very first run. I guess they would be considered "fast" racers because of the lack of cushioning but it did not make for very comfortable long run training.

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date: September 10, 2011
review by: nina44shell

good shoe

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date: February 20, 2011
review by: dexter

Not thrilled for the price.

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date: February 14, 2011
review by: "beeeal"

Early returns are great. Being a beginner runner it was nice to be fitted at a running store with the proper insoles as well. Big difference from the shoes I was in.

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date: February 13, 2011
review by: ferretracer

Overall I really like these running shoes. These are the first pair of Brooks I have run in and I have not been disappointed. The fit is excellent- my wide feet and tall arch fit in very nicely with no discomfort.

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date: February 4, 2011
review by: jricerunner

I really like these shoes. They are very soft and comfortable, and they look cool, too. I've been running in Brooks for several years, after having run in other brands because of their superior quality and value. Going with the Glycerin 8 was a no-brainer.

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