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"My first running shoes, cannot make a comparison towards others. But, I recommend it though, especially for off-road (rocks, woods).

Updated after 400k.
Updated after 600k.
Updated after 1.000k.

PHOTO: The green pair is the one with 1.000k, and the white ones are brand new (0k). I recommend these running shoes absolutely.


Nice shoe laces.


I use them only with running socks. Never tried with regular ones, and don't want to, as they are not comfortable enough to run.


Front side of the shoe elevated. Suits fine for off road (woods). Comfortable on solid ground (road) as well.




Great comfort.

EDIT: after 400k > Although they feel comfortable in the streets as well, I wonder how some other running shoes feel like on this kind of ground.

EDIT: after 600k > The usage and the sweat in the last 200k took its swing. Shoes are more exhausted and visually look much worse. Comfort is a logical downstep.
EDIT: after 1.000k > stil very comfortable. However, I bought a new pair now (different color though) and I am starting to run in them. All the best for these running shoes.




I am using them for 2 months already, they are as new as the time I bought them

EDIT: after 400k > still good as knew. Not so recently I ran in the woods on heavy rain. They were wet as if you dipped them in the sea. Dried them without loosing quality. We'll see what happens after 700k.

EDIT: after 600k > I think they should last for some time. I am using them for elliptical training in my home as well because they are most comfortable shoes to train in. Sole is not used much in home training. However, I sweated lot on my elliptical (some 48h at least). So, no matter that the sole is still durable, the upper part is apparently used-up (pure sweat had its role here)


Hmmm, they should be cheaper (not because they're not worth it)


I don't use them for other than running. Don't like strong and noticeable colours.

EDIT: after 600k > Upper part visually worn-out.It is evident that it has few hundred miles of usage. However, I don't think this is a weak link.




Currently satisfied.

EDIT: after 400k > Did not regret at all. My first running shoes, thumbs up for their performance so far. I do not run in the streets too much, these shoes were adviced to me as off road and mountain running shoes.

EDIT: after 600k > satissfied with performance. Although I write this under 600k, I used it longer because I didn't log all my runs in the beginning. Great running shoes. I hope I won't feel uncomfortable just yet.
EDIT: after 1.000k > Great. Just recetly I broke my Half-Marathon record for 5 minutes. They had some 900k then. I fully recommend it.

Strong sole.

EDIT: after 400k > all the best so far. I run regularly along with running socks, which is also very noticeable element, especially for sensitive feet.

EDIT: after 600k > Strong sole still. Running in the woods in most of my runs I cannot emhasize it more.

EDIT: after 1.000k > Sole worn out on supinattion area (I have supination feet). But still I can run in them. I will use them in home workouts. Great shoes.

We'll see.

EDIT: after 400k > I don't feel very comfortable running on solid ground (not necessary because of shoes, but in general). I'd say these shoes are more useful for off-road running (it is less stressful for feet and knees, after all)

EDIT: after 600k > The upper part of the shoe worn-out by the sweat and home training during last few months. Sole has not been spent too much here, however.

EDIT after 1.000k > nothing special actually. Used them just for running and home workout which included vicious sweating, especially on Elliptical Training.

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