Garmin Forerunner 310xt review

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"I would buy this product again. It offers a lot of information!"timbergreg


Installing software onto a Mac laptop was nearly effortless.


Once I read the manual a couple of times, using the device is pretty easy. It's a also a little time consuming if you're going to use it for multiple sports. You have to toggle few a few screens to switch from swimming to cycling to running if you are doing individual workouts. it's very nice on race day as you can set up for individual events within a triathlon, duathlon, can also add transitions. Pretty cool. Just hit "lap" to switch between swim>T1>bike...

The unit takes a bit of time to start up. It needs to acquire satellites and this is nearly impossible if you're indoors. It takes a few minutes to load up and is good to go for a long time on a full charge. Nearly 20 hours!

I use it for every race, every bike century and every individual workout.

With the ANT USB stick, everything recorded by the unit can be uploaded to your computer. It also works well with Runkeeper and MapMyRide.


Solid but a bit bulky. Hard to get a wetsuit cuff over it!


Looks to be a sizable fit spectrum.


As comfortable as any sport watch I've owned.


Typical sport watch fit.


Seems to be bullet-proof.


Garmin is typically a little pricy but the added price of mine included the ANT USB stick and a nice heart rate monitor.


Big and orange. I'm sure the Dutch would give it a 5.


Haven't had to use their customer service but their contact information is easy to fine on the website used to store all your training and racing data.


Like any GPS device, it can give some slight misreadings when you're under heavy tree canopy. Elevation information seems pretty darn accurate. The maps provided post-race or post-workout are pretty nice.

You can order a bike mount to keep the device there for long rides but wearing it on the wrist will save you a few bucks and is much easier to deal with.

It's pretty large. Truly hard to peel a wetsuit off over it.

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