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Race Reports for Xterra First Coast

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  • Organised?No
  • Events on time?Yes

  • Lots of volunteers to help?No
  • Plenty of drink stations?No

  • Post race activities? Bad
  • Overall course based on my ability: Too hard

  • Comments: goody bag was a publix grocery bag with a crappy shirt and one gel, nothing else; no timing chips, overall attitudes of volunteers and organization/ set up of transition, etc was not up to par with the other triathlons in the area. It felt a little more like bunch a people got together and decided to do a makeshift tri. paying 70 bucks for it almost feels like a rip off
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  • Organised?Yes
  • Events on time?Yes

  • Lots of volunteers to help?Yes
  • Plenty of drink stations?Yes

  • Post race activities? Good
  • Overall course based on my ability: Just right

  • Comments: Being that this was my very first triathlon event 4 years ago, this race holds that special place for me. I love the Xterra races. Similar to CrossFit for me, they aren't flat or mundane. The trail rides/runs keep you mentally active or you will find yourself in the bushes. I am happy I finished this race again. Though I have had less than desired results both times I love this race and am now accepting that "Yes - I can finish it - even struggling. But I don't have enough God-given talent to NOT have a better training plan, one that includes nutrition, to do anymore than just finish. I would like to get into the MOP or FOP at some point and know that I will have to work harder for that to happen. This really makes me reconsider whether to attempt the Oly instead of the the HIM scheduled for October. Great day - nonetheless! I finished!
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