South Carolina Half

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  • Date: October 01, 2011
  • Address: 302 State Park Rd., Ninety Six, South Carolina Get directions
  • Country: United States
  • Race type: Triathlon (1/2 Ironman)
  • Distances: Swim (2110.67 yards) Bike (56.00 miles) Run (13.10 miles)
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  • Description: The 1.2 mile swim is a counter clockwise one loop affair. With athletes entering the water via a large stone walkway just beneath the finish line behind the Drummond Center spectators get a bird's eye view of the wave start. The start is a short 100 meter walk from the Transition Area. In past years the current has been mild and chop is light. With a move back to later in the season, wetsuits will likely be needed as water temperatures will be in the 70s.

    The 56 mile bike is also a one loop course with moderate and gradual climbs. This course is by no means flat but it is not an extremely hilly one either. Depending on the day athletes may encounter a head wind (or tail wind) on the long stretch from miles 20 - 40 but the rest of the course is sheltered from the wind. Road surfaces are good with one 2 mile stretch of rough pavement starting at mile 40 and ending at mile 42. Aid stations are placed approximately at miles 15, 30 and 45 with Sportscap Bottled water at all the aid stations. Sportscap Bottled Gatorade will be served at MM 30. Traffic is light. Turns are marked with pavement arrows and neon directional signs. All intersections and course monitering are handled by the South Carolina Highway Patrol and other local jurisdiction officers.

    As with any Half IM the run course can be where the event is won or lost. This fact also holds true at the SC Half as the course can be fast, but can also zap the energy right out of you. The 13.1 mile run is a 2 loop out and back affair. Starting in the Transition Area athletes encounter mainly flat to lightly rolling hills on the way to the turn around loop. The course is completely paved and closed to traffic as athletes exit the park and hit Hwy 702 before turning right into an auxillary State Park Road. A large portion of the course is shaded but the stretch along Hwy 702 is without shade. High temperatures have ranged from the low 70's into the low 80's. Aid stations are located every mile with a full array of items including Gatorade Endurance Formula Drinks and Hammer Gel needed to keep you hydrated and full of electrolytes.
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