Member Question: Cardiac Drift

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Highly trained athletes can maintain a specific HR longer than a newbie without much creeping; their endurance is greater—thus able to keep pace efficiently and without much additional increase in HR.

Member Question:
I've been running on the treadmill quite a bit over the last couple of months and have been messing around with holding pace rather than Heart Rate (HR) zones.  I've noticed lately that after about a 1/2 hour of running my HR will creep considerably -- say 10 bpm. So the first 30 minutes of holding pace on a run I might average 149 (low z2) and the next 30 minutes I'll average 159 (low z3). That 10 bpm increase seems like a lot to me.

Today I started with a pace which was z3 for the first 30 minutes (AHR 159) and the next 20 minutes was 169 (z4). Again about a 10 bpm creep after the 30 minutes.  Most likely I'm not giving myself a good enough warm-up (none) before trying to hold a pace like this but I wonder if anyone else sees HR creep this extensive ?

This is a complex question, so exploring the obvious list of culprits would be my initial approach. [.....]

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date: December 8, 2006