Online and Personal Triathlon Coaching

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Receive online triathlon coaching via our forums, personal coaching through an affiliated coach or nutrition coaching from our certified nutritionist.

Are you a member that doesn't want to teach yourself and would rather have someone telling you exactly what workouts to do and how to eat?  Would you rather have the personal attention of a certified triathlon coach? 

We offer three different types of personal coaching here at 

BT Training Plans, D3 Coaches, Unlimited Forum Support
The first option will let you have access to several detailed training plans with unlimited forum support on those plans along with an initial evaluation of your season and what plan to start with.  Head coach Mike Ricci and the other coaches at D3 Multisport support this option and are directly affiliated with

  Use our 31 detailed training plans

  Unlimited online support forum for questions

  Full training log features

  The coaches will help choose the correct training plans per your goals

Personal Coaching
The second option is where you choose a personal coach that has coaching services through the BT training log where you can choose to have a training plan designed specifically for you, your races and your season. The selected coach creates and uploads your workouts into your training log where they can modify it as needed along with any email/forum support that they provide per their coaching package.

  For those having specific season goals or performance limiters

  Coaches can upload your personal plan into your BT log and modify

  A coach will have the ability to monitor your training daily from your training log

Nutrition Coaching
Nutrition coaching is our newest package and will serve to help you with weightloss, nutrition for better training and race day performance.  This program comes with an analysis, mealplans, grocery lists and forum support.

  Detailed Monthly Assessment 

  Weightloss or Performance

  Monthly Mealplans

  Grocery Lists and Recipes

  Nutrition Logging Analysis

  Unlimited Forum Q&A


Please visit the links per area to read the full details of each coaching service to see what is the best solution for you.

*Note, BT is only officially affiliated with D3 Multisport through the Gold-Level Coaching Membership.  We are not affiliated with any other coach that may be signed up to use the Personal Coaching features.  If you are using one of BT's listed personal coaches, BT is only responsible for making sure the software works for both user and coaches.  We are not responsible for that coach's training plans or information.


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