The BT Triathlon Coaching System V1.0 for Athletes

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Details on how athletes can connect with registered BT coaches for training plans and personal triathlon coaching.

Are you looking for a personal coach to administer your training via your BT training log?
Do you want to see if your coach takes part in the BT Coaching System?

With the BT Coaching System, coaches can now use the current BT tools to administer training plans and coaching to their athletes and monitor their performance.

How it works

1. Find a coach, see if your coach participates
Logon and go to your training log control panel, click on the right tab.  You will see a listing of coaches that are currently setup to use the BT Coaching System. You can use this page to visit their webpage, email them or communicate via private message on BT.

2. Contact the coach, view and purchase their services
Using the links in the Coach tab, you can visit the coaches website, email them or send them a private message here.  The coaches should have a listing of coaching packages that they will administer through BT.  Once you and the coach have discussed services appropriate for you, you will purchase them through the coach.
3. Triathlete-Sync.  Connect with your coach
Once athletes have made payment via the coach's website for a coaching package administered through BT, the coach will be able to 'request activation' by you to allow the coach to have access to your training log.

Once you have validated the request, the coach will now have access to your training log to send you plans and monitor your performance per the coaching arrangements that you made.

Additionally, add your coach to your 'Friends' list in your log control panel for easy access to your coaches training logs and profile for emails and private messaging.

4. Access your training plan - FREE FOR ATHLETES
Per the arrangements you made with your coach, you will be able to access your training plans via the 'planned training log and calendar'.  You will be able to use these basic features with BT's free training log

5. Log your actual training
A coach is only as effective as the information you give.  Logging your workouts and your nutrition will allow your coach to monitor your progress and make changes in your training if needed. 

6.  Cost

Once a coach has initiated an agreement with you, you will need to purchase the minimum $30/6 month or $60/14 month membership to access your planned training log where the coach wil send and modify your training plan.

Service and Support
If you have a questions on how a feature of the training log works, see the training log articles, post a question in the 'Training Log Forum' or 'Contact Us' via the link at the bottom of the site.

* is not responsible for how the coach administers the coaching arrangements that you have made with them.  We only create and maintain the features that the coach and athletes use.  
In an effort to keep a positive user experience, we will not renew coaches that we get a history of user complaints with.  It is up to the coaches to deliver the services to the athletes via our tools in a timely manner and in accordance with the service the athlete purchased from the coach.


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date: September 14, 2008