Alternating Heel Touches

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Alternating Heel Touches abdominal exercise instruction with picture and video.

Alternating Heel Touches
Main Muscle: Abdominals (Obliques)
Mechanics Type: Isolation
Lie on your back and bend your knees. Keep your feet flat on the floor, about 1 ½ feet apart, and roughly 1- 1 ½ feet away from your bottom. Lift your shoulders a couple inches off the ground and contract your abs. Keep your head relaxed and look at your hip region. With your arms straight on the outside of your body, reach your right hand to your right heel as you contract your right side. Repeat the motion with the left side. Focus on proper breathing and do not pause as you are alternating heel touches. Both heels must be touched for one repetition.

Start/Finish:                                          Mid-Rep


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