Straight Arm Crunch

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Straight Arm Crunch abdominal exercise instruction with picture and video.

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Straight Arm Crunch
Main Muscle: Abdominals
Mechanics Type: Isolation
Lie on your back and bend your knees. Extend your arms straight behind the head and overlap one hand over the other. Arms should gentle touch the ears. Keep your feet flat on the floor, about 1 ½ feet apart, and roughly 1- 1 ½ feet away from your bottom. Without moving your feet off the ground, use your abs to lift your should blades off the ground. Be sure to keep the arms in line with your head, neck and shoulders. Slowly curl down to starting position and extend the arms over the head. Be sure to focus on proper breathing and do not hold your breath.

Start/Finish:                                          Mid-Rep


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