Floor Leg Pull-In

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Floor Leg Pull-In abdominal exercise instruction with picture and video.

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Floor Leg Pull-In
Main Muscle: Abdominals
Mechanics Type: Compound
Lie on the floor with your hands under your hips (palms down) and your legs straight. Raise your legs about 12 inches off the floor. This is starting position. Bend your knees as you pull your legs towards your chest. Stop when you knees are slightly over your hips. Keep the knee at a 90-degree angle as you pull the legs into the midsection. Slowly extend the legs to return to starting position. Do not lower the legs to the floor until you have finished a complete set. Focus on proper breathing and do not hold your breath. You can also do this exercise on a flat bench.

Start/Finish:                                          Mid-Rep


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date: March 19, 2007