Stability Ball Streamline Knee Crunch

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Stability Ball Streamline Knee Crunch abdominal exercise instruction with picture and video.

Stability Ball Streamline Knee Crunch
Main Muscle: Abdominals
Mechanics Type: Isolation
Sit on a stability ball and place your legs shoulder width apart on the floor. Walk your feet out as you roll yourself down until the lower part of your back is on the top of the ball. Extend your arms behind the head in a streamline position. With your elbows beside the ears, hands touching above the head and chin off the chest, crunch as you slightly lift the arms. Be sure to keep the arms in line with the neck and shoulders. Raise your upper back off the ball without rocking the stability ball. Once you feel the abs contract, slowly lower yourself on the ball. Focus on proper breathing and do not hold your breath. Keep your neck relaxed and be sure to crunch with the abs and not just lift the legs.

Start/Finish:                                          Mid-Rep


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