Bosu Ball Lunges - Foot Behind on Bosu

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Bosu ball lunges with foot behind on Bosu stability ball exercise with picture and video.

Bosu Ball Lunges - Foot Behind on Bosu
With eyes looking forward and back straight, place one foot behind you on the center of the Bosu. With feet should width apart, your front foot should be far enough forward so that the knee does not pass the ankle as you are lunging down. Inhale as you bend the front leg and bring the hips towards the ground. Do not lean forward. Your back leg on the Bosu should bend slightly until the knee touches the Bosu. As you bend your front knee, your thigh and lower leg will form a right angle. Do not let the front knee extend over your ankle and foot and be sure to keep your back and neck straight. Before you exhale, pause briefly. Slowly lift the body by straightening the front leg. Complete a full set with one leg and switch legs when the set is completed. You can also add a weight in each hand for an added resistance. 




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date: September 16, 2007