VIDEO: Bike Wind Tunnel Basics - Part 4

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We take a tour through Colorado Premier Training's wind tunnel. Mark Cote explains how it works and how getting a wind tunnel bike fit can be one of your most important tools in getting faster.

After watching the first three videos of this series, many of you probably are waiting for this part of the series where it all comes together-optimizing your position in the wind tunnel.

From these videos, you have watched Colorado Premier Training optimize Aaron's bike position with a power test and correlating it to heart-rate and exertion to get the bodies physiological response to different bike positions.  So far, these tests have determined how Aaron's body performs the best and most comfortably with wide or narrow aerobars, and other seat adjustments. 

Now it's time to take these bike and rider positions and put them in the wind tunnel to see how they react aerodynamically.  We are ultimately trying to get the best result to the equation: Biomechanical Efficiency + Aerodynamics + Comfort = Optimal Rider Position.

In this segment, Mark Cote will take us through a tour of the wind tunnel while discussing how it works, it's sensitivity, while also giving us a lot of insight into the importance of wind tunnel testing and to not necessarily fork over your next paycheck for those new aero rims that you have been eyeballing.

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date: May 5, 2008