Ask the Coach: Half Ironman Run Pacing

author : Ali Winslow
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I just ran the Boston Marathon under nine minute miles, can I run eight minute miles for my half Ironman training runs? Or should I go slower?



Member Question from hockeyhands
"I'm new to triathlons and just started training for a half Ironman in September so I am using one of your 5 month training programs which is going great. I just ran the Boston Marathon for the first time in April, which I trained about 3 months for and finished in 3:54:36, just under my under 4 hour goal (under 9 minute miles). I definitely chose the right pace for this event as it took almost everything I had. However, I am capable of running at a faster pace.


Since I have started my training for this triathlon, I have been running just under eight minute miles, which is definitely pushing myself, but I can handle it. [.....]

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date: June 15, 2009

Ali Winslow