Equipment Tracker

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Use this redesigned feature of your training logs to keep track of your time and mileage on all of your gear including shoes, bikes, tires, clothes, etc.

Click on: Training Log --> My Gear to access your equipment tracker.

Adding equipment

Clicking on the button will allow you to add equipment to your training log.  

First, input the name of your equipment.  If you see it listed, select it and add it.  If you don't see it, use the 'I don't see mine' button and it will allow you to put in your equipment name.

Configure your equipment

Once you have selected your equipement, you can customize it by description/color.

Date equipped

Configure this to the date where you FIRST logged or plan to log with this equipment as this is where it will start calculating the total mileage and hours.

Equipment type

Selecting the type will only bring it up in the appropriate sport when logging

Starting distance/hours

Configure this if you bought used equipment.

Lifetime distance/hours WARNINGS

If you want a warning to show up in your log for when your shoes (or anything else) needs replaced or tuned-up (bike), put in the lifetime distance/hours. 


Put in any comments here (maintenance done, etc) and you can keep track of here.

Logging your equipment as you log your workouts

When you log, just make sure to click on the 'Equipment' button to checkmark the equipment you want to log for that workout.

Show all workouts

Clicking on the name of your equipment will generate a list of all workouts and information associated with it.  Clicking on the date will take you to the logged entry.


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